Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Little Stamper

Today I have some proud mommy pictures to share with you. What mom isn't proud when her little one learns something new? Well, I have to say I was very proud when my little one learned to stamp. :) My older daugher has been stamping for years and is a expert (at least as big an expert as an almost 5 year old can be). When I was working on my Valentines projects a couple weekends ago, I knew that I need to make a card for my younger daugher (17 months) to give to daddy. At first I thought I would just make another card and give it him from her. Then I saw the cute card my older daughter made him all by herself and though it would be more special if Allison made him a card herself as well. So I let her stick some heart stickers on a piece of card stock then I got out her name stamp (the Love Bots personalized one) and showed her how to ink it up then stamp it on the paper. She picked it up in no time and was stamping away! I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots of my new little stamper. :) The pics aren't that great because she was sitting on my lap and there wasn't much room, but here you go!

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