Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Digital Studio Stamping

Today I wanted to share with you another use for My Digital Studio. Since the application comes loaded with dozens of Stampin' Up! stamp sets, you can easily use one of the digital stamps in place of an actual stamp for your project. Below is the thank you card I made for my daughter's birthday party. For the elephant, I used the Nursery Necessities stamp set.

Now, lets say that I wanted to make this card, but did not have the Nursery Necessities set, but I did have My Digital Studio. I could easily create the elephant stamp by "stamping" the elephant in My Digital Studio, changing the color, and printing it out. To demonstrate, here are some elephants I stamped in My Digital Studio. I stamped 3 elephants, changed their color to Pretty in Pink, and then resized the last two. Next, I simply printed them out on Whisper White card stock using my home printer.

Since I did not resize the first elephant, he printed out true to size, which means that the printed image is the exact same size as the real stamp! I created the resized elephants just to demonstrate the flexibility of My Digital Studio. Next, I simply cut out the first elephant and adhered it to my card. Here is the exact same card, made the exact same way as the one above, only I used my printed elephant instead of the stamped elephant.

Isn't that cool? So, the bottom line is that with My Digital Studio, you not only have all the capabilities that I have pointed out before, but you also have a full library of digital stamps that are exactly like our exclusive stamp sets at your fingertips - and at a fraction of the cost! To learn more about the My Digital Studio application, click here. Click here to see all the stamp sets that you have access to with My Digital Studio.

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